Books: Leading authority on LLCs and IRC section 199A

LLC law and tax and the new Internal Revenue Code section 199A are highly interdependent. All LLC members should try to maximize their section 199A tax deductions on their shares of LLC income, and many owners of pass-through businesses can maximize their section 199A pass-through deductions only through a sophisticated use of LLCs.

Attorney John Cunningham, a noted authority in each of these areas, has written leading books on these topics.

Drafting Limited Liability Company Operating Agreements

By John M. Cunningham and Vernon R. Proctor

LLCs provide greater legal and tax flexibility and stronger statutory asset protections than any other business organization form. For these reasons, they are the entities of choice for business start-ups in all U.S. jurisdictions, and many corporations and other non-LLC entities have converted to LLCs.

Drafting Limited Liability Company Operating Agreements, the leading U.S. LLC formbook and practice manual, addresses significant LLC formation legal and tax issues across 67 chapters and 2,000 pages. The book focuses particularly on the legal and tax issues relevant to planning, negotiating, and drafting LLC operating agreements. The book also includes a CD-ROM that contains 28 general-purpose model operating agreements (forms), five special-purpose model operating agreements, 90 “plug-in provisions” to supplement or replace provisions in these agreements, and dozens of exhibits.

Maximizing Pass-Through Deductions Under Internal Revenue Code Section 199A—a Section 199A Practice Manual

By John M. Cunningham

New Internal Revenue Code section 199A, effective since January 1, 2018, provides extraordinary new federal income tax deductions to owners of small businesses. These deductions can exceed 20 percent of an owner’s net business income. About 50 million U.S. business owners are eligible for section 199A deductions, but to maximize their deductions, many of these business owners must significantly restructure their businesses. John Cunningham’s section 199A practice, which is based on his book, has helped him save his section 199A clients tens of thousands of dollars in federal income taxes.

Maximizing Pass-Through Deductions Under Internal Revenue Code Section 199A addresses all major section 199A issues in its 14 chapters and 250 pages. The book discusses how to compute the deductions available to business owners under section 199A and how to restructure business entities to maximize these deductions.

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