Section 199A: Significant Tax Deductions for Business Owners

Is your business currently maximizing its federal tax deductions? If you are not taking advantage of the new Internal Revenue Code section 199A deductions, then you may be paying more in federal taxes than required.

Section 199A—effective as of January 1, 2018—is one of the most complex provisions of the Internal Revenue Code and one of the hardest to apply. Yet, for owners of small businesses that are properly structured, section 199A can provide federal income tax deductions of 20 percent or more of an owner’s net business income. To maximize their deductions, however, many business owners must significantly restructure their businesses, as many section 199A issues cannot be resolved without the sophisticated use of LLCs.

Focused on maximizing clients’ section 199A deductions

Attorney John Cunningham is a leading expert in both section 199A and proper structuring of LLCs so that business owners can take full advantage of section 199A deductions. He is one of the few attorneys who understands the interconnections between these two areas and who has extensive experience in representing not only section 199A clients, but also LLC clients. Since section 199A went into effect, he has assisted numerous clients in obtaining section 199A tax deductions of tens of thousands of dollars and more through properly structured LLCs. An initial consultation with John is free.

His book, Maximizing Pass-Through Deductions Under Internal Revenue Code Section 199A, is a comprehensive explanation of section 199A and is the only book about section 199A that is published by a recognized legal and tax publisher.

Learn what every business owner should know about section 199A deductions to maximize their federal income tax deductions.